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CMF Transitional Organization are downsizing and relocation specialists assisting clients and their families making lifestyle changes. Our clients are homeowners preparing their homes for sale, seniors making their next move, and busy professional families moving across town or relocating to another state. We are an interior design firm based in Chicago, but we work for our client’s wherever their needs may be.

“Home Excavation”

Deciding which household items can be sold, donated, stay or repurposed can be overwhelming. CMFTO sells clients no longer wanted items and furniture to our vetted resources. Offsetting the cost of our service. What could be better than making some extra cash from unwanted items?

Staging Your Home

CMFTO advises home sellers on decluttering their homes. What remains in the home after the “excavation” is used to naturally stage the home. We highlight the functionality and space of each room to enhance the room’s assets. Staging can be an effective way to make a great first impression on your potential home buyer.

Managing Your Move

CMFTO will secure competitive bids for your household move. We will supervise every aspect of the physical move from packing each item, labeling boxes, inventorying, and loading onto the truck. We will ensure that your home is ready for your buyer’s final inspection and closing. You keep living your life and we fill in the blanks for you.

Installation in your new home

CMFTO will meet the moving trucks at your new home and organize and unpack your belongings. This includes hanging your artwork and making your bed. No job is to great for CMFTO.

Interior Design

CMFTO will assist homeowners with their interior design of your new home. We can create the home of your dreams with our team of professional architects, interior designers and space planners.